Re: WM Compliance

On 9 Jun 1998, Oliver Graf wrote:

> A big problem is the 'freedom' of gtk+: as I understand, one can put
> any possible widget in a menubar/menu (please correct me if I'm
> wrong). But WMaker in it's current implementation supports only
> Cascade and Command entries. It will be difficult to map anything
> 'extravagant' from a gtk+ menu to a WMaker appmenu.
> But I keep thinking, implementing and tinkering, perhaps I will
> stumble about a solution...

I'm not familiar with the internals of the code, but perhaps
implementing WMaker menus in gtk would solve the problems... and
probably make the whole thing a *lot* easier.

Of course, that may create dependancies you don't want... I don't know
wether WMaker has any link to gtk and wether this can be done so that
it is optional.

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