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>XVidtune:  IMHO, the current version is appropriate, because 
>it only requires a working Xserver, and is not dependent on 
>any libraries outside the XXF86 distribution.  
>Joystick Setup:  Sounds easy, why not.
>Font Manager:  This could be *extremely* useful, as i go to 
>reinstall my fonts after my recetn upgrade.

>> > Other: Floppy formater, Sound Recorder

>Floppy Formatter: can you even buy unformatted floppies anymore? =P
>Sound Recorder: look into Audiotechque, the url excapes me.

Actually I have some more ideas I want to share.

I think that there should be a TWAIN Scanner module included in gnome. This way
the apps that need scanner support can link to this module.

I think that there should be added some shortcut options to the keyboard-properties, so
you can assign keys to actions, like when you press F11 you'll connect to the internet, etc.

Wouldn't someone like to port dosemu og xdosemu to gnome, that would be nice?

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