Panel and mico

Hi again, 

I just downloaded the .20 version of gnome and wanted to give it a try
(really, really badly!!!), but I ran into a couple of problems.  One, I
discovered that it (that being gnome) didn't compile with gtk+-1.1 (but I
could install both libraries without any problems).  The second problem was
with mico2.0.5.  I have installed the 1998052211 version from the daily CVS
site (before it went down).  Do I need to downgrade to the 199805415 version
which was listed on the ftp site.  The reason I ask is when I started panel
I would get the following error (undefined symbol:  _vt.12strsteambuf).
Thanks in advance.

Nathan Alonzo Smith	
TSX-5 SpaceCraft Engineer
Com: (505)846-0132
Dsn:  246-0132

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