Re: Gnome-Session for multiheadenvironment

Moin Christian,

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Greissing <> writes:

    Christian> Hello Guys !

    Christian> [...]
    Christian> So I would like to enhance gnome-session, so that its
    Christian> able to recognize both screens and start on each, but
    Christian> just calling once !
    Christian> [...]

to add support for multihead displays, you don't need to change
gnome-session.  It's a question of using the gnome_client stuff in the
right way.  Every client should save it's configuration.  This is
actually not done automatically, so that every client has to do this
on it's own.  I have some ideas about how some information can be
saved automatically, and I will probably add it soon to the gnome
master client stuff.


Carsten Schaar                         email:

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