Re: XML and GNOME community

> >  I have however a big question, does Gnome project accept contributions
> > which are not under the GPL/LGPL license ? Most of my code may be
> > covered by the W3C Copyright and I really want to know before starting
> > if such code can be incorporated in Gnome ! Could one of the member of
> > the Gnome Team have a look at the W3C Copyright and give me some feedback
> > (, thanks.
> > 
> The license is pretty much a BSD license from what I can tell.  I think
> then that if an XML parser is created as a library then it can be used
> in gnome.  Most of the applications in Gnome are GPL and the libraries
> are LGPL.
> I'm pretty sure that you can create GPL applications and the underlying
> libraries don't have to be GPL/LGPL.  I derive this conclusion mostly
> through the fact that other programs exist that already do this, rpm
> being one of them.  It uses berkley db which is BSD licensed.
> Hmm...on my RedHat 5.0 system /usr/lib/ is actually part of
> glibc.  Does that mean that the berkley db isn't used anymore?  That
> means that I could be pretty full of it.  Stick a fork in me. :)

well, there are quite a few GPL programs that use Qt and Motif, and the
FSF hasn't sued yet. maybe a universal XML library could be created? maybe
w3c could agree on using the netscape license instead, and it could be
considered an external part of mozilla, usable by any unix program?

when i think about it, there are many different HTML parsers/renderers on
my system: lynx, netscape 4.05, mozilla, qtscape, gnome-help (xmhtml). if
XML becomes as big as everyone's predicting, i'd hate to see the list of
separate XML parsers available.

so, anyone up for creating libxml, possibly under the NPL?
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