XML, Gnome and Mnemonic

As the author of the (not yet completed) XML parser of the Mnemonic
WWW browser (http://www.mnemonic.org) project, I'd like to offer some
of my time to collaborate on giving Gnome a XML parser object. We have
some running code, most of which is in a re-design phase right now,
and I have done plenty of research into how I think such a thing could
be written to be most useful to various applications. I haven't had
much time recently, but 'that thesis thing' is done now and I will have
plenty of time to work on it during the summer.

Daniel (and other interested people out here), are you interested in a
combined effort? If so, is it time to get together and start
discussing details and do the work (ie. a separate list or something
like that)?

And while we're at it: has the licensing isssue been settled?


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