Re: Come on Guys!!. More Term Related Problems (Please read and try)

FT> Come on guys what is the matter, isnt anybody interested in what
FT> might be a potential problem. I have not even seen a single
FT> response from anybody.  I hope someone takes some time

One of the down sides of the net is that the meaning of no response at
all is ambiguous.  In person at least you can get some reading from
the other party's body language.

So, for instance, nobody might care, as you postulate.  Or maybe
everyone is too busy.  Or, maybe nobody knows the answer (in which
case the protocol is not to answer, instead of flooding the list with
"I dunno").  Or maybe, like me, everybody was out of town for the
weekend and is now drowning in the backlog of email.

FT> ii ) Start the xsession
FT> iii) Start gimp using <Panel>/Graphics/The Gimp
FT> iv ) Open an xterm and send gimp a signal like
FT>      kill -SEGV <gimp PID>
FT> v  ) Bingo! you have a hung X session (At least I do on three machines
FT>            running RH-4.2 and RH-5)

In this particular case, the answer really is "I don't know".

When you say "hung X session", what do you mean?  Do you mean that the
mouse and keyboard stop responding?  In this case, you've probably
found an X server bug, and there's nothing the Gnome project can do
about it.  Instead, you must submit a bug report to whoever maintains
your X server.

I don't have gimp installed on my machine, so I can't really test this
right now.  Does it happen with any other programs (e.g., one I might
already have installed)?

FT> Now in properties if I select the button Use Terminal, everything
FT> goes OK.  And if i deselect the Use Terminal Button. It hangs when
FT> it tries to exec.  mame.  program usuall hange at ioctl call:


I have no clue what this is.  Yay.

FT> I had the same problem with KDE one year ago, but instead of
FT> trying to understand the problem, everybody on the KDE Mailing
FT> list started jumping all over me. I hope I figure it out this
FT> time.

What exactly did they say?  Maybe they thought they were helping, but
phrased it in a way that wasn't very clear.


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