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anybody know where I could find some libc5 RPMs?


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I have never been unable to compile something in linux until now.  Gnome
simply won't compile on my SuSE 5.2 (libc5) box.  I have been running
linux for some time, have all the prerequisite libs and packages, and it
still bails on compiling gnome-core.  One thing I would like to see, 
until they get the gnome sources more stable I would like to find some
libc5 rpms.  Gnome seems to be somewhat redhat-centric,  although there
are many SuSE and Caldera users out here who can't use the gnome rpms
off ftp.labs.redhat.com because they are glibc.  If you could point me
toward a source for libc5 rpms I would be in your debt.
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