Re: Come on Guys!!. More Term Related Problems (Please read and try)

On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, FT Rathore wrote (among other things):
> Steps:
> i  ) Make an .xinitrc file like in the message below.
> #************* .xinitrc ************
> gnome-session
> ## End .xinitrc
> ii ) Start the xsession
> iii) Start gimp using <Panel>/Graphics/The Gimp
> iv ) Open an xterm and send gimp a signal like
>      kill -SEGV <gimp PID>
> v  ) Bingo! you have a hung X session (At least I do on three machines
>            running RH-4.2 and RH-5)

ok, i've tried it 2 times now. Seems like you are right :I
X looks up here too (debian hamm/hamm, latest XFree86)

(Mousepointer and CTRL-ALT-DELETE still work)

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