Re: XML and GNOME community

On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Anders W. Tell wrote:

> I have been browsing through the gnome world and found very few
> places where XML and related standards are mentioned. And now I
> wonder is there any interest at all in XML in the gnome community ?

Well, the standard documentation format is DocBook, which is an SGML
DTD, so you could say GNOME is going a step further :-)

Besides (ahem) I've always been an advocate of using the right tool for
the right job. XML is a document presentation format (even though it's
extensible). So, uhm, how/where exactly does it fit into GNOME?

> It seems that Netscapes mozilla and big brothers all applications
> (explorer, excel, powerpoint, word.etc) are going to use XML instead
> of HTML but also as a mechanism to store and transfer meta info about
> components, plugins etc. MS have already showed examples of how to
> copy-paste and embedd and link using XML as metadata carrier.

You must be talking about RDF. The ways XML has been hyped by the media
and implemented are two very different things.

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