Re: AnonCVS is down

Matthew Hawkins <> writes:

> At 12:02PM on Tue, Jun 02, 1998, Elliot Lee <> sent:
> > The machine was at loadavg 40 last night, and nobody could get in. Right
> > now anonymous access is disabled, which means that at least developers can
> > commit & do stuff. A more permanent solution is in the works.
> Just an idea I had, how about setting up a distributed network of anoncvs
> servers around the world which update frequently using rsync?  List the
> servers on the gnome cvs page, everyone uses their local server, we're all
> happy :)

I'm mirroring the gnome cvs to my server via rsync to my machine 4
times per day so I can do the snapshot at .

I'm not willing to run anoncvs on my machine for Gnome (after seeing
what it did to the machine) - but I could act as an
exploder for others to run anoncvs if anybody else is
interested... (and Elliot/the developers agree that this is a good idea)


 - Jim

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