Re: AnonCVS is down

On Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 01:57:52AM -0400, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> > At 12:02PM on Tue, Jun 02, 1998, Elliot Lee <> sent:
> > > The machine was at loadavg 40 last night, and nobody could get in. Right
> > > now anonymous access is disabled, which means that at least developers can
> > > commit & do stuff. A more permanent solution is in the works.
> > 
> > Just an idea I had, how about setting up a distributed network of anoncvs
> > servers around the world which update frequently using rsync?  List the
> > servers on the gnome cvs page, everyone uses their local server, we're all
> > happy :)
> This may happen later on; hopefully the CVS setup will change for the
> better in a week or three, and after that we will be better prepared to
> make big changes, like mirroring.
> FWIW, though, rsync hasn't seemed terribly CPU-friendly either... :-) 
> There are other alternatives - we'll just have to go through them when the
> time comes. 
Might cvsup be one of them? If not you should definitely check it out,
it was specifically designed for the problems that you seem to run into.

The FreeBSD project (and KDE so I'm told) use it to distribute their
CVS trees, and it seems to function especially well under high load.

What's more, it is very easy to set up cvsup mirrors to distribute
the load.



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