Re: Window borders?

At 05:39 PM 6/4/98 +0200, you wrote:
>> I installed Gnome, finally got it to start and ran into a problem. The help
>> browser starts up in the left hand corner. I go to move it and realize it
>> has no borders at at, and there is no way to move the window. I open a
>> couple other windows and once again no borders, they start in the same
>> place (overlapping each other) and no way to move them to another area of
>> the desktop. 
>This sound like that you don't know have any window manager running !!

so gnome-session doesn't start the gnome window manager as well? Thats what
I had put in my xinitrc. I'll try starting a window manager tonight when I
get home and see if that helps. Thanks.

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