Re: UI Problems with many gnome programs

"Michael K. Johnson" <> writes:

> Steve Dunham writes:
> >     gnome-linuxconf is particularly annoying here.  The window
> >     manager is told that the window is resizable, the window looks
> >     cramped, but if you resize it, everything stays in the same place.

> gnome-linuxconf in the tree is way behind the version that I have at
> Red Hat -- I had to take development out of the main tree because the
> CVS server kept dieing at critical times when I had to be working on
> it and I got rather tired of it...

I'm actually discussing the version shipped with RH 5.1

> I've just checked in all my changes into the official tree.  There are
> some resizing issues fixed.  However, I don't agree that everything
> should expand to fill the window -- it turns out that if you do that,
> the general look and feel is much worse.  Not everything ought to
> expand, and gnome-linuxconf has to work with arbitrary input that
> wasn't designed with expansion in mind.   'slife.

You can tell X (via WM hints) whether a window is resizable, and what
range of sizes are allowed.  If gtk doesn't allow this, then it is a
shortcoming in the gtk widget set that should be addressed.  

Does anyone know if gtk provides a way to set this?


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