Compiling problems.

Ok, I downloaded all of the packages that were at because I am running
Stampede Linux and don't wish to install RPM. I am trying to make a 
packaged version of this for Stampede Linux users, although it doesn't
seem to be working out, my main problem is mico.
   I tried numerous times to install mico, but I always have a problem
with idl. It seems to compile ok, but whenever it is used it says:
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/slps/todo/gnome/mico-2.0.5/daemon'
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/slps/todo/gnome/mico-2.0.5/auxdir'
/root/slps/todo/gnome/mico-2.0.5/./idl/idl --name dynany
../include/mico/dynany.idl assertion failed
make[1]: *** [] Aborted
make: *** [system] Error 1

Any ideas why this is happening? 

Gabe Ricard
Stampede Linux Development Assistant
ICQ #13156625

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