Re: GNOME release and thanks

Mark Galassi <> writes:
>     Marc> I and everyone at RHAD Labs would like to thank everyone who
>     Marc> came by and helped demonstrate GNOME and break down the
>     Marc> booth at the Linux Expo.  We all had a great time meeting
>     Marc> everyone, and the response to GNOME was more than we could
>     Marc> have asked for.  Thanks again!
> Do you have any anecdotes or descriptions of how linux expo went,
> especially vis-a-vis gnome, that you could share with us?

I was especially excited to see the reactions everyone had to
GNOME.  I think a lot of people had heard of GNOME, and maybe
seen it running in the very early days, but had not seen anything
lately.  Everyone seemed to be very very impressed, and very
excited about GNOME's future.

It was also pretty amusing to see people hacking GNOME and adding
features right at the booth!

Miguel's GNOME talk was also pretty eventful.  His newly acquired
laptop had trouble driving the video projector.  Of course, we didn't
discover this until he was on stage talking :-).  So I grabbed my
laptop and set it up on the projector while Miguel went ahead
talking from memory.  Unfortunately, Miguel's latop didn't have the
floppy attached, so we had to try to get networking working between
them, which turned out to be, shall we say, a challenge.  After
going through various combinations of 2 crossover cables, a PLIP
cable, and 2 PCMCIA cards, we finally managed to get Miguel's
laptop to run mgp using my laptop's display hooked up to the projector.
Of course, his talk was nearly over by then, but he was able to run
through the slides quickly.

Everyone loved his talked anyway :-).


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