RFC: Gnome/GTK Examples

Hi, As a starting gnome/gtk++ programmer, my first observation was the lack of simple non complex examples on "how-to-code-gnome".
I read a few past mails which described a basic widget, and got some usefull info from that, but it would realy sharpen the learning curve for a lot of ppl if there was a basic example pack .. how to use basic widgets, make windows, apps, plugins...whathave-u... Ofcource i know one of the reactions to this is gonna be "check out the source for the gnome apps" but i think it would be more efficient for a lot of us beginning (or switching) coders.
Personaly ive been a seniour <cough> windows <cough> software engineer for the last 5 years, and i find that readin other ppls apps may get to be a bit to complex for just learning, what is *actualy* needed of all that source to get something done, what is part of the apps and needs to be ignored... well i think u catch my drift by now.
If hosting a page for such a example base would be a problem, i am sure we can solve that:)
Thnx for your precious time:)
    Chris Chabot

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