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On Mon, Jun 01, 1998 at 08:30:33PM +0000, Michael Hudson wrote:
> Did you read my post?
> If not why did you quote it?
> Unless you compile GTK+ in C++, there's no guarantee that exceptions will
> be able to propgate through the GTK+ code.

Sorry about not directly responding.  I guess I got so excited with
quickly designing a Gtk+ interface for configurable error handling, I forgot
to reply to the issue at hand.

You are correct and this is something I had not given a great deal of thought
to.  This can be handled though.  See:                   

and the follow-up post:                   

from the egcs mailing list on the subject.  If Gtk+ is compiled with
"gcc -fexceptions" (or is compiled with a C++ compiler) all should be well.
Even if folks think that compiling Gtk+ with a C++ compiler is evil, perhaps
not too many folks will have heartburn over "gcc -fexceptions"???  I don't
know if Gtk+ requires gcc (pgcc, egcs, etc...) or not at this point, but
this feature would probably require that though...  :-(


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