Re: Merging EFLIB phase 1 and GNOME

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Johan Larsson wrote:

> 2. GNOME probably could use CORBA and OpenGL

GNOME is already using CORBA in the panel - this has taught some good
lessons on what we want from a CORBA implementation :-)

OpenGL is a good standard for drawing 3D graphics. It isn't very useful
for other anything else. GNOME isn't intended to be a 3D graphics
editing/display environment, so OpenGL isn't very relevant to GNOME,
although there are certainly widgets out there that make it easy to use
OpenGL (ala Mesa) in Gtk & GNOME programs.

> two technologies that currentlly EFLIB is shaped up to support.

Does EFLIB have any code or a working prototype? Or is it in the pre-work

> In the long run, both projects would benefit by balancing the boundaries
> between platforms (especially those set up by Microsoft). GNOME could
> therefore use components written for the Microsoft platform.

I don't think anyone really cares about Windows NT, to tell the

> Language independence is achieved through CORBA.

That point is one of the reasons GNOME too will use CORBA...

Sounds cool,
-- Elliot
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