Re: Merging EFLIB phase 1 and GNOME

Elliot Lee <> writes:

> On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Johan Larsson wrote:
> > > 2) Which ORB is EFLIB using? Would that ORB be useful for GNOME?
> > 
> > Today we have nothing ready with CORBA, but we have a meta-engine.
> > An advanced meta engine is the first step towards an ORB.
> 	What is a meta-engine? Can you elaborate on the differences
> 	between a meta-engine's operational parametrics and yo pimp
> 	daddy?
> ;-)

Yeah, I know this is unasked for, but I just have to throw in my 0.02
[damn, where is this `euro' key...].  I have not looked at EFLIB and
am not very well informed about the progress of GNOME, so please don't
take the following as an official GNOME position, etc.  But I feel I
must say this:

I think GNOME can only use what is already there, it is not wise to
wait for something to happen outside of GNOME.  When GNOME needs
something, we should be working on it.  This is what happens with
ORBit, the upcoming GNOME ORB, for example.  From what I have read
here, it looks like GNOME has much more substance than EFLIB and is
moving fast.  Now, this does of course not mean that EFLIB and GNOME
can't work together.

And for my personal opinion, the EFLIB jargon is too full of buzzwords
to be taken real seriously.  And, Object Pascal and code reuse do not
rhyme too well for me.

Ok, please flame me in private mail for this, and once again, this is
no official GNOME position.

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