Re: Screen sizes

On Sat, 25 Jul 1998, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> I have already proposed this, but nobody seemed to notice.  Is there a
> special and/or obvious reason why there should not be a guideline
> saying that all the apps should be usable at 800x600? 

I'm sure everyone agrees this is a fine goal, it's just that no one has
bothered to implement it. IMO the style guide will need an overhaul into a
simpler checklist format, and include Gnome programming instructions,
before it will be relevant. Call it the Gnome Developer's Guide.  Probably
it also needs a babysitter to keep it up to date. Until then I wouldn't
worry about the existence of a particular guideline because there aren't
any guidelines at all. As for particular apps that aren't usable at
800x600, they just haven't been fixed yet. Anyone with the motivation is
welcome to do either of these things. 

In the meantime, consider it a known problem. :-) 


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