Re: Screen sizes

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <> writes:
>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Kidd <> writes:

    Eric> What is the target screen size for Gnome? 640x480? 800x600?

    Tom> I don't remember it ever being discussed.

This has been sort-of discussed before, at least on the
gnome-gui-list.  I remember posting at least two times about this
subject, but without any response.  :-)

    Eric> As things stand right now, Gnome doesn't work very well
    Eric> without a 1024x768 screen. Applications like calendar stick
    Eric> off of both ends with anything smaller, and very little
    Eric> testing seems to have done on typical systems.

    Tom> I guess sending a bug report would be ok in this case.  You
    Tom> can do this from the Gnome web site.  Specific suggestions on
    Tom> how to fix the problem would help.

Wouldn't it be better to add something about this to the (upcoming?)
Style Guide?  Then these problems would automagically turn into bugs
and developers would have to know about them.

I have already proposed this, but nobody seemed to notice.  Is there a
special and/or obvious reason why there should not be a guideline
saying that all the apps should be usable at 800x600?  If there is, I
apologize for wasting bandwidth yet another time.


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