Re: GNOME development experience

On Fri, Jul 24, 1998 at 03:14:40PM -0300, Ian Peters wrote:
> has anyone told me how to.  I have been asked for a crypted password at one
> point, but I'm not even sure what server to login to (is it the same as the
> anonymous CVS server?  This seemed odd to me, as the hostname was anoncvs...).

ok this is what I use

export CVSROOT=''
cvs login

just replace the jirka with your login name .. and cvs login will ask
you for your password

cvs is slightly hard to figure out at first ... but you'll get it ...

read the cvs manpage

to add soemthing to gnome-games

mkdir othello
cvs -z9 add othello

then unpack your stuff in othello

and 'cvs -z9 add *' inside there ...

then do

cd ..; cvs -z9 commit

and it should commit all the new changes you did in the gnome-games tree
which should be just the othello dir (give or take a few autogenerated
files which for some reason are still in cvs)

put your commit message in the editor it starts up ... save it ... and
off you go ...

then you can start integrating it into the build process ... I just steal
the from another dir ... add makefile creation into

make sure it all works .... and commit ...

> I sincerely hope that one day, I will be one of the people developing broad
> policy, working out applet specifications, etc.  In the meantime, I was lead
> to believe that work on _all_ levels was needed for the GNOME project.  It
> makes since that, even when all technical issues are resolved, a desktop
> cannot be released without actual programs.  However, I have found that trying
> to write those programs is a very frustrating experience (I'm sure you can
> tell that from this mail :) ).

well .. this should change ... right now so many things are fluid we'd end up
writing tutorials that would be obscoleted fairly quickly ...

I plan to give a gnome programming tutorial on january's linc ... 

so I'll probably come up with some sort of tutorial soon


George Lebl <>
  The following implements RSA in perl and is illegal to export from the US:

          #!/bin/perl -sp0777i<X+d*lMLa^*lN%0]dsXx++lMlN/dsM0<j]dsj
          $/=unpack('H*',$_);$_=`echo 16dio\U$k"SK$/SM$n\EsN0p[lN*1

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