Re: DocBook -> Texinfo (via DSSSL) Proof-of-Concept Demo

Jim Pick <> writes:

> I didn't try to do any stripping out of whitespace.  But couldn't that
> be done just using a function written in DSSSL?  (heh, it's Scheme,
> mostly)

This completely ignores the purpose of DSSSL :-)

If you look at the DSSSL specs you'll find in the later half (chapter
11?) the desription of the "output language".  The DSSSL itself should
more or less be output format independent.  I.e., one should be able
to use Norm's DSSSLs.  The work to be done is to get a Jade backend
which maps the lowlevel stuff of the backend description to reasonable
texinfo.  Forcing a string out really is only the last escape.

Since you've started writing it this way and I cannot provide anything
similar I don't suggest to not use your code.  Rather I'd propose to
not spend to much time on this one approach since it is a dead end.

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