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Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:

> I'm impressed that you've been able to get a simple demo going so
> fast, even if it is crude. I think we should start a mailing list for
> this project, as there appears to be interest from many directions,
> including but not limited to people from Gnome, Debian and Cygnus. Can
> anyone set this up? I can do it, but I'm not sure how
> permanent/reliable an address I can procure.

I can set one up as well.  But it would be nicer to have one running
off the gnome or gnu servers, I think.
> As for the code, gnomecvs is probably a fine place for it. But maybe
> we should think about implementation technology a bit more before
> going off too much. I don't know any of {Texinfo,DocBook,DSSSL} very
> well myself, but people have mentioned several fairly different
> implementation strategies. We should inform ourselves and figure out
> which one is the best.

I do like DSSSL, because it is purpose built for this sort of thing.
The language is limited in scope, so you tend to do things the right

The drawback to DSSSL is that there is very little documentation
available for it.  The best documentation is in the draft ISO spec,
which is very dry reading.  There is some introductory material on the
net, but it is very incomplete.

On the plus side, Norm Walsh has already done most of the hard stuff
for DocBook - we just have to hack it here and there.


 - Jim

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