Re: panel not saving properties at close

> Okay, I've gotten a little farther into figuring out why the panel doesn't
> seem to save its properties at shutdown.  In the '~/.gnome/panel.d/'
> directory, every time the panel is run, it creates a directory called
> 'Session-[some very long cryptic number]'.  In the panel.d directory,
> there is also a directory called 'default,' which apparently is what the
> panel reads when is starts.  However, all setting changes get saved to the
> current 'Session' directory.  When you exit the panel, it again reads
> from the 'default' directory (which doesn't contain the saved changes),
> and creates a NEW 'Session' directory mirroring the 'default.'
> Workaround: after existing panel copy all files from most recent 'Session'
> directory to 'default' and you'll have your new settings.  Then `rm -rf
> Session-*` to clear out this disk-space-leak.

I ran also into the problem that panel-properties didn't seem to be saved.
I figured out thats not the fault of the panel but the fault of 
gnome-session, which isn't saving correct, it misses to write the
line 'num_clients=x', so gnome-session deals with reloading a
corrupted session-configuration and falls back to the default configuration
which also means that the panel starts with its default config !

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