panel not saving properties at close

Okay, I've gotten a little farther into figuring out why the panel doesn't
seem to save its properties at shutdown.  In the '~/.gnome/panel.d/'
directory, every time the panel is run, it creates a directory called
'Session-[some very long cryptic number]'.  In the panel.d directory,
there is also a directory called 'default,' which apparently is what the
panel reads when is starts.  However, all setting changes get saved to the
current 'Session' directory.  When you exit the panel, it again reads
from the 'default' directory (which doesn't contain the saved changes),
and creates a NEW 'Session' directory mirroring the 'default.'

Workaround: after existing panel copy all files from most recent 'Session'
directory to 'default' and you'll have your new settings.  Then `rm -rf
Session-*` to clear out this disk-space-leak.

This definitely should be considered a "bug" and whoever is doing panel
stuff needs to fix it (again I feel guilty because I'm pointing out
someone else's mistake but really can't fix it myself).

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