Re: XFree86 specific extensions used in gnome?

"Haukur Hreinsson" <> writes:

> Background-properties --init, however, still has the sigpipe problem and
> hogs the cpu instead of completing its task.

I have tracked the problem down to somewhere in
'', but I haven't had a chance yet to confirm it
or pinpoint the exact problem.

Could you try commenting out the line

in function 'application_register'
in 'gnome-core/desktop-properties/app-background.c'

and see if that fixes the problem for you as well.
This will disable the screensaver property sheet, but the rest of
background-properties should work as normal.


Mark Rae                                               T 0131 650-3265
Department of Physiology                               F 0131 650-6527
Edinburgh University                                   E

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