Re: Serious problem with GTK from CVS

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Ian Farmer wrote:
> Every program that uses GTK version 1.1 crashes
> with a sigsegv error. This has gone on for weeks now.

Can you send the exact error messages and the gdb output (run 'gdb
program', then type run, wait for segv, type bt, and send the result). 
(you can't do this on testgtk b/c it's not really a binary, but if you
install gtk you can then do it on gtk+/gtk/.libs/testgtk.)
> I've already tried doing a "make clean" and recompiling many times.
> The testglib program works, so glib is fine.

Did you rebuild the programs after rebuilding Gtk? Do you have an old set
of Gtk header files around? If so, it's possible you build against one set
of headers, then link against the other library, resulting in Bad Things.
Check for an old glib too.


Havoc Pennington ====

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