Re: Compiling Gnome ?

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:

> try doing ulimit -d unlimited;ulimit -m unlimited;
> in bash and see if that helps

I now know for sure that I CAN compile beyond the limits set by my kernel.
when recompiling MICO I watched swap-file usage and noticed that
sky-rocketing close to about 90MB for just the compile ... so I know it IS

The problem with compiling the gnome-panel is that the make starts a
sub-shell in which my root-resource-limits ... don't seem to be the way I
set them right before giving the make-command.
I think my mico-problem could be solved by just not having that extra
sub-shell there ... anybody that could look at this a little closer ... or
give me another solution  (and please don't mention the ORBit
implementation ... I am NOT gonna run gcc2.8 ... (which is according to
myself needed to even compile ORBit))


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