Re: Compiling Gnome ?

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:

> Hmm, thats bad, the ulimit -d unlimited is supposed to fix that.  What
> about doing ulimit -d <maximum size of real mem + swap in KB>.  If that
> doesn't work maybe it is hard coded into the kernel, or maybe you need to
> issue a syscall to change it.  I beleive you said you were using FreeBSD
> right?  I don't know too much about the BSD kernel.  Under linux, I think
> you can fiddle with these entries on a global basis in proc but I am not
> sure how.

I noticed I might have misinterpreted some numbers .. data stack size is
somewhere around 528xxx .... not 52Meb like I thought ... but not
unlimited either ....

And Yes I AM running FreeBSd so you can forget about /proc ...
(FreeBSD does have a proc-fs ... but Linux's is rather unique)

I'll try to ask a friend of mine of he might help me ...... that is
whenever I get to see him again ... he's rather busy lately


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