Re: gdk_imlib errors from gmc and eeyes wrote:

> screwey instakls of libpng and libjpeg  - they dont match the libs
> Imlib was compield with... and how the hell did you get a *.so.8.0 ?

Okay, I'm currently huntingtarballs of libjpeg and libpng , and will build and
install those, and then rebuild imlib to see what happens.  Any hints on where to
find them?

As for the rest, I'm running FreeBSD 3.0-980622 current or so.  The libjpeg and
libpng were
either bianries from or were FBSD ports that I
built locally with FBSD specific patches.   Does that help any?  No glibc here, but
I might can manage ELF..maybe :)


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