Re: You at RedHat?

Hello Joey,

   I would like you to post to the relevant mailing lists the
following post (as I am told this originated in some Debian mailing

> I heard that you're also hired from RedHat?  Don't you think that
> Gnome is going to be too much RedHat based and not distribution
> independent?

   There are various issues here.

   I have not been hired by Red Hat.  I am going to visit them for a
week, to visit my personal friends and to do some work with the GNOME
team at Red Hat Labs.  

   They have been very nice to pay for my one week trip there so that
we can have a developer meeting and advance some of the work we have
pending for GNOME.  On the other hand, Federico has been hired and he
will be enhacing the gnome free software pool just like the rest of
the team.

   The second issue is whether GNOME will become distribution
dependent or not.  Even if I worked for Red Hat, GNOME is a GPL
product and we are very concerned about making GNOME portable.  There
is a lot of effort going on to make sure the code works for as much
people as possible.

   I am personally interested in seeing GNOME run on the free BSD
systems and on every Linux distribution out there as well as the
proprietary unix-like operating systems.  The team has integrated or
coded the bits to make GNOME work on almost every platform you can
think of.  And we are always willing to take patches and give people
CVS write access [1].  

> If you're hired there, are you going to implement my proposals?
> You said that you liked them, so this is your chance, I guess.

I will ask Federico to do this :-).


[1] To address your specific concern: various Debian people have cvs
write access, so you can be sure we will be taking patches to enhance
Debian as well).

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