Re: memory usage compiling (was Re: Compiling Gnome ?)

Umm, I don't know why, but compiling from the console (at least for me)
NEVER takes up too much memory.  I compiled imlib, gnome-libs, mico,
gtk--, and my new 2.0.35 kernel SIMULTANEOUSLY two days ago on my box with
64 megs SDRAM, and I never had to crack into my swap memory at all.

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On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, John Kodis wrote:

>No, appallingly enough, I think that even this is marginal.  I have a
>very similar configuration (32M core, 100M swap), and find that the
>only way I can successfully compile Mico is to shut down every X
>application other than the xterm in which the build is taking place.
>If you're running a couple netscapes, gimps, and emacsen while
>attempting this compilation, I'd expect you to run out of memory.

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