Re: Disk Eject with gnome drivemount applet

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Erik Andersen wrote:
> It would be easy to provide you with source code to do just what eject
> does.  You should make the cdrom drive configurable (I have 5 cdrom
> drives of various types).  Would you like some C code to eject a CD?
>  -Erik

the way the drivemount applet works is that you have you own for each
cdrom / floppy etc. you have on the panel. So the cdrom drive is allready

I'm not sure about including the eject source code into it... after all,
the source code of umount and mount isn't included either. 

If someone doesn't have "eject" installed, he doesnt need it, and
opens his drives manually. I need it because my cdrom drive is located
near the floor.

think i'll add that PATH check before the eject entry is added... right
after i have gnome up and running again.

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