Writing GNOME apps

Couple of questions...

1) Where can I find an archive of this mailing list, so I can make sure that
questions haven't already been asked (and answered)?

2) Is there documentation on the functions defined in gnome-libs, or is it
just code by example from other gnome sources?

3) Can someone explain what I need to do to use gnome_config_* functions?  I
thought I'd grokked the necessary stuff from other applications, but _my_
program segfaults.  Hmmph.

4) What do I do to submit/register my application with the gnome tree?  (I'm
currently porting my xothello game to gnome - I oh-so-cleverly call it

5) Can somebody teach me how to do autoconf/auto-whatever stuff?

Ok, I think that's all for now.  Thanks in advance

Ian Peters

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