Re: file extensions - vfs, file types (methods, context menu, icons, properties)

From: Miguel de Icaza <>

>> Property sheet: Is there a uniform interface for file object properties?
>> The first page should contain "properties" that are common to all objects
>> (such as file name, permission, last access dates, etc). (It would be a
>> waste if every file type would have to design and create this page.)
>It has been placed in gnome-libs now.  We used to have a file-manager
>specific thing that did this (and has an API pretty much like the one
>you suggest).  Do you think we should make this available for every
>application to use?

Yes, I don't think it would hurt :)

The default file properties page in mc-4.1.35 (haven't checked
newer/gnome-libs CVS version yet) is a bit too "Spartan". Read only items
such as date of last modification/access/change, link count (and inode?)
should be added. Properties for a block/character device file should also
show the minor & major device numbers. And IMHO the buttons should be
labeled Read/Write/Execute (like the Set UID/GID/Sticky buttons), as this
would make UI design clearer and trim away a label row. Also, it wouldn't
hurt to be able to enter octal mode and even see permission bits in ls
format 'rwxrwxrwx'. (This is what it's like in my widget.)

Oskar Liljeblad (

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