many fewer errors!

Wow! I just rebuilt glib, imlib, gtk+, gnome-libs, and gnome-core from 
cvs, absolutely uneventfully. Then I started panel, and got *no* error 
messages! I don't know if that's *ever* happened. In fact, I didn't
get one until I moved the panel from the left side to the bottom, and received

** WARNING **: file gtkaccelgroup.c: line 203
   (gtk_accel_group_detach): assertion "g_slist_find
   (accel_group->attach_objects, object) != NULL" failed.

but nothing crashed. Can we squash this one sucker (it's been around
for a while)?

Michael D. Harnois, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Washburn, IA             
Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless.
  -- Gustave Flaubert

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