AM_PATH_GLIB - where ?

I can't compile gnome, because autoconf does not find the AM_PATH_GLIB
macro. I kibozed the whole gnome tree, and it's not defined there :

bobo:~/test/gnome>find . -type f | xargs file | grep text | cut -d: -f1 \
> | xargs grep AM_PATH_GLIB

./gnome-libs/ChangeLog: * (AM_PATH_GLIB): New test.
./gtk+/ChangeLog:        - Use AM_PATH_GLIB by default to find glib; also accept
./gtk+/  AM_PATH_GLIB(1.1.0,,
./gtk+/configure:  AM_PATH_GLIB(1.1.0,,

I am using the CVS version, updated July 20th.


PS: autoconf 2.12, automake 1.3

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