On Sat, 18 Jul 1998, Brian Bruns wrote:

> I wanted to get some opinions on a project I'm starting: QTK.  It's a
> class library that is Qt compatible (ie you will be able to take existing
> Qt apps and compile them), but runs over the gtk+ widgets. I have written
> a small sample (,
> that will run the first qt tutorial.

well, if you could do it, it would be almost the holy grail. a very large
portion of the whole kde/gnome thing is the qt license (though there are
other reasons too - look & feel of qt, c++-only, etc.) Have you seen the
harmony project? they're writing a binary-compatible GPL clone (that also
adds to qt) of qt. perhaps talk to them, as well? if not for a merging of
the products to get some ideas/suggestions. i don't have a url, but if you
search slashdot for "kde" and find the kde 1.0 released article, it should
be there.

i'm curious though - how far away do you think the time is when i can
compile kde with your product (assuming the kde fix that wacky shit c++
they've got going...)? do you think it will ever reach this state?

are you sure the legal issues are ok? if you've looked at the qt source,
it may or may not be a problem, i'm a) not a lawyer and b) have a bad

keep us informed!

good luck,

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