Re: file extensions - vfs, file types (methods, context menu, icons, properties)

> VFS: Can gnome apps use VFS' transparently or "fairly" transparently?

yes.  But the VFS has not been integrated into the build process.  I
was telling Tom that I should probably make the vfs library part of
the gnome-libs distribution (by making a virtual module link).

> File Methods: Can gnome apps call/set/enumerate actions for a file type,
> create/enum file types?

The file manager can, but there is no library that does this.  The
author of lightspeed and I want to work on making a general library to
do this.  Reusing parts of the file manager.

> Context Menus: Can gnome apps add/enum actions in the context "Right Mouse"
> menu for a file type?

In the file manager, yes, you can do this.

> Icons: Is there a way gnome apps can set/get the default icon for a file
> type, or extract icon from a file?

not yet,  but part of the new library will deal with this.

> Property sheet: Is there a uniform interface for file object properties? The
> first page should contain "properties" that are common to all objects (such
> as file name, permission, last access dates, etc). (It would be a waste if
> every file type would have to design and create this page.)

It has been placed in gnome-libs now.  We used to have a file-manager
specific thing that did this (and has an API pretty much like the one
you suggest).  Do you think we should make this available for every
application to use?


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