Hi everyone,

First off, I've just joined the list, so I don't know if this subject has
come up before.  I'm not trying to start another gnome/kde flame war, I
have some very pratical reasons for what I'm about to suggest.

I wanted to get some opinions on a project I'm starting: QTK.  It's a
class library that is Qt compatible (ie you will be able to take existing
Qt apps and compile them), but runs over the gtk+ widgets. I have written
a small sample (ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/ALPHA/freetds/qtk.tgz),
that will run the first qt tutorial.

I'm beginning to work on signals/slots which don't appear to be that hard
(a little cumbersome, but not difficult).  I'm wondering if anyone is away
of any areas where the two widget sets are incombatible in their 
behaviour or otherwise...ie a qpushbutton class should be fairly easy to
map to a gtk_button widget, is their any that are not real easy?


Brian Bruns
http://sunsite.unc.edu/freetds (The FreeTDS Project)
A man pulls into a filling station and has two penguins in the back seat. The
attendant says "What are you going to do with them" and the driver says "I
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"Yes, and today we're going to see a movie..."

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