Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

> Yes, it uses the libgtkmmdraw that was announced on gtk-list recently. Jon
> had some concerns about the speed of a Tk-like canvas for some of the
> things he wanted to do - the overhead of the objects might be too much. 

Well, you can make your own specific canvas items if you need more
performance at some point.  The complete gnome spreadsheet happens to
be an enormous canvas with various specialized canvas items.

> I will have to look at the Canvas in more detail, and think about how a
> C++ wrapper would look. Is it possible to put the Canvas in "raw mode" and
> just draw on it directly?

You can do that yes, if you create your own item.  But the canvas will
at this point provide a lot of high level objects (and line
drawing should be ready today, beziers sometime next week).

I do not think there would be any noticeable performance impact by
using the gnome canvas for this task.


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