Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

> The problem with Gnome-Canvas, is that it doesn't support postscript
> generation for the moment. One of the most desirable feature in a plot
> app is to allow the screen and the printer to be *exactly* the same.

Well, this is simple to fix (ie, it is kind of a planned feature).

Now, even if the Gnome Canvas did not support Postscript generation,
you can consider the canvas just a display front end.  Nothing is
stopping you from generating the Postscript.

It is just a display front end that makes your life easier (from the
point of view that you can deal with events, move objects without
redrawing and all that).  

> But those qualities can only be used if your app takes the DPS into account
> from the start. I don't think it's a feature you can add afterward.

I happen to disagree with you here.  See, if you are making a chart
program, you are most likely going to keep all of the information to
render the image.  I really do not see how using DPS from the
beginning is going to make the code crippled when the postscript time


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