Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

OK, I'm not sure we discuss the same point; and that may be the reason why 
I don't understand some of the arguments. But I hear some things and 
definitely agree. I really agree that the graphical object facility that comes 
gnome-canvas is more than useful. But the Pb is that I do not know 
gnome-canvas and have no sample prog to test it (or to start a test).
But if you tell me gnome canvas knows how to write fonts, stretch them,
rotate them.. 
If gnome-canvas can draw dot lines, cross lines,  ...
if gnome canvs knows who to fill objects, clip regions ...
I begin to be interested.
If you think it is really designed to produce (small) PS files
(I mean if the code is easy to write)

I begin to be really interested.
But my point was a bit different:
how may we ensure that the PS result will be the same that what I see onto the 
(fonts, bezier, ...)

This my real problem, and believe me, I'd like it to be solved.
DPS partially soves it...

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