Re: custom menu?

On Fri, Jul 17, 1998 at 01:17:27 AM -0400, Greg Fall wrote:
> part I
> I could get lots more use out of the panel if I could add/remove items 
> to/from the menu.  Sorry if I am ignorant about something here, but is the
> panel menu supposed to be static and/or internally-controlled?  If there
> is any information about this I've missed, I'd like to see it.
Take a look at the directory /usr/[local/]share/apps/.  I'm not certian when
the panel choses to update it's menu.  (I think it simply dosn't -- you need
to restart it.)

> The 'modem lights' applet in the panel works, but when I try to netload
> applet, it complains that accounting isn't enabled for the device, which
> is by the way set correctly.  The advice there also suggests the following
> options to ipfwadm:
> ipfwadm -A -i -P all -W <device name>

Are you using a kernel with IPChains?  There are many programs that parse
/proc/net/acct (?) -- which dosn't exist with ipchains.  (2.1.x has used
ipchains for several months, and I think 2.0.34 backported it (but I don't
follow stable kernels).)

I'm rather surprised that netload dosn't understand the new format -- I had
assumed that most Gnomers would be running bleeding-edge kernels (just got
2.1.109 myself -- I've been known to dl kernels before Linus finises
uploading them -- and at the speeds he runs at, that's quite an

> Lots of gnome widgets containing text would look a lot better if there
> were some padding around the text.  In lots of spots the text bumps right
> up to the edge of its container.
You could say the same things of the graphic elements of applets.  Myself, I
prefer them pushed together as close as possible normaly, so as to make my
panel look confusing.  Er, umm... to make best use of space, that's what I
meant.  Yeha.

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