Re: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

> The problem with Gnome-Canvas, is that it doesn't support postscript
> generation for the moment. One of the most desirable feature in a plot
> app is to allow the screen and the printer to be *exactly* the same.
> This is not easy to achieve when designing multi drivers like gnome-canvas.

 I can not speak for other people, but for me it was the vector
drawing program that should have high, publishing quality. The only
thing I want from the ploting program is to be able to export plots
in the format accepted as native by the vector drawing program. The
only example of such compatible ploting/drawing pair of programs is
gnuplot+xfig. There no such pair in the Windows world -- every plotting
program, like Origin, SigmaPlot, trying to by drawing program as well
and none of them is good at it.

 I am afraid, that if plotting program use PS as its native
graphics output format, and if drawing program use PS as its native
format, they would use different subsets od PS and thus would be
incompatible. I've noticed that if program can import EPS, it should
be EPS created by the same program, or it would not be able to modify
it (if I remember it right, it is the case with CorelDraw).   

 Just a few thoughts....

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