Re: more cvs problems

    Soren> okay, aclocal aborts with 'AM_PATH_GLIB not found in
    Soren> library.'  How can I tell it to look for glib in
    Soren> /usr/local/lib?  I added it in my /etc/

Soren, this has come up several times in just the last two weeks.  I
hope it's in the compile FAQ by now.

One thing you can do is copy glib.m4 into the share directory that
aclocal uses.  For example, if you installed aclocal and automake with
a prefix of /foo1 and you have glib sources in /foo2/src/glib, you can

cp /foo2/src/glib/glib.m4 /foo1/share/aclocal/glib.m4

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