Re: Wrapping Gtk, Gdk, Gnome

Maciej Stachowiak <> writes:
>I once again strongly recommend getting in touch with Marius Vollmer,
>the guile-gtk author, and in fact taking a look at the guile-gtk
>module in CVS. It includes gtk.defs, a stylized higher-level
>definition of the gtk API (and also now gdk.defs for gdk), and a
>script that automatically generates Guile bindings from it. There is
>also a gnome.defs in the gnome-guile module for Gnome bindings. Using
>these for Common Lisp bindings especially should work very well, since
>they are in an s-expression format.

Yes, I was planning to (do the latter, at least).  Initial inspection
suggests that deft use of defmacro ought to enable me to just read the
whole .defs file in as-is, which might be fun.

First I have the whole calling-lisp-from-c in cmucl thing to contend
with, though.


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