Re: more cvs problems

okay, aclocal aborts with 'AM_PATH_GLIB not found in library.'  How can I
tell it to look for glib in /usr/local/lib?  I added it in my

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On 16 Jul 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

>Soren> Problem 2: I compiled/installed glib just fine, but now gtk+
>Soren> aborts with a "./configure: syntax error near unexpected token
>Soren> 'AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE' What version of automake do I need to be
>Soren> running?  I'm running 1.3-2 that came with my RedHat 5.1. (this
>Soren> also is off my 980715 snapshots)
>This version of automake is fine.
>It sounds like you didn't run `aclocal' before running autoconf.

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